Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

25.5.1594 (Saturday 25 May 1594)

document 67000570

whereas at the leet and court here held on thursday being the 13.9.24Eliz1 it was found by the homage of the court that Jn Barrette that held to him and his heirs of the lord by the rod etc one messuage with a garden adjoining with appurtenances called Sonnells and also one parcel of customary land containing by estimation 18r of land and 10a of customary land with appurtenances parcel of Lowefield as it is divided by a ditch and hedge from 6a of land parcel of the foresaid land called Lowefield and 1a of customary land commonly called Little Bridgemans anciently a croft enclosed and now divided into two crofts died before the same court and before his death lying upon his death bed surrendered all and singular the premises with appurtenances according to the custom of the manor aforesaid to the use of his last will by which he bequeathed the premises amongst other things unto Margery his wife until Jn his son should come to his age of 21years and then at his said age he willed and bequeathed the premises to the said Jn and his heirs and if it should happen the said Jn to die before his said age of 21years without heir of his body lawfully begotten then he willed the premises to the foresaid Margery his wife until Agnes and Mary his daughters should come to their several ages of 21years and then he willed the same to the foresaid Agnes and Mary and their heirs and because it appeareth to the court that the foresaid Jn the son is dead and the foresaid Margery is likewise dead and that the foresaid Agnes and Mary upon their said estates thereof nor any other after the death of the said Margery being solemnly required came to take the premises out of the lord's hands and to satisfy him for his fine either by the said Agnes and Mary or by any other after the death of the said Margery therefore the bailiff is charged to seize all and singular the premises with appurtenances and to answer the lord the profits thereof upon his next account