Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

5.8.37Eliz1 (Tuesday 5 August 1595)

document 67001716

to this court came Edw Banbury son and heir of Jn Banbury son and heir of Nich Banbury by Jn Tanner his attorney and humbly prayeth to be admitted to a tenement and 26a of land 3a1r of meadow called Curds and also to three crofts of land containing 15a of land whereof one is called Barmans Field another called Rowncies and the other called Pelles lying in Barmans Field which he claimeth to hold to him and his heirs of his body lawfully begotten by virtue of a certain gift thereof made by the foresaid Nich his grandfather to the said Jn his father and the heirs of the same Jn lawfully begotten against which claim came Robt Partridge and Rose his wife and say that the foresaid Edw ought not to be admitted to the foresaid tenements because by way of protestation they say that the said Edw is not the son and heir of the same Jn and for plea they say that the foresaid Jn after the said gift viz on t uesday in the week of pentecost 33Hen8 7.6.1541 did surrender the foresaid lands and tenements with appurtenances to the use and behoof of Robt Rochester and his heirs and for the better assurance thereof a certain common recovery thereof was had and made because upon the whole matter the court is not advised of the claim aforesaid nor yet of the right of the said Edw therefore for trial of the matter in this behalf the lord granted seisin of the premises to the foresaid Edw by the said Jn Tanner his attorney to have to him and his heirs of his body lawfully begotten but his fine is respited until the title thereof be discussed by the trial aforesaid