Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

19.4.40Eliz1 (Wednesday 19 April 1598)

document 67101327

tenants and deceners in mercy 6s4d and that Geo Sayer gentleman 6d Robt Partridge in right of his wife 6d Antho Ennewes 6d Jn Sparrowe 6d Barth Marche 6d     Marshall gentleman 6d Jn Cockerell 4d Jn Aunsell 4d Frances Hall 4d Margt Hall 4d Robt Michell 4d Edw Wade 4d Jn Kinge 4d and Jn Brewer (may be Jn Brewer) 12d are tenants and residents within the precinct of this court and at this day solemnly requested did not appear but made default therefore each of them in mercy as above their heads