Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/51/71 Robt and Alice Rogerson v Jeff Audleigh)

1475-1485 (no date) (1475)

document 14500042

the answer of Jeff Audley to the bill put against him by Robt Rogerson and Alice his wife the said Jeff by protestation that the said three crofts be now 12a of land nor that the residue of the cofeoffees have not released in manner and form as is by the said bill surmised for answer saith the said bill is insufficient in the self and the matter composed in the same untrue in every point whereto he ought not of right to be put to answer it for declaration of he truth in the said matter it is so that one Osborne Shepherd of Earls Colne abovesaid was seised of the said three crofts with the appurtenances in his demesne as of fee and so thereof seised for 3li of money given to him by one Ralph Audley father unto the said Robt and Jeff and for 3li13s4d over the 3li released to be paid unto the said Osborne by the said Robt Audley at certain days limited between them the said Osborne made an estate unto the same Robt and Jn Lanetop priest Jn Smith Wm Barker and to the said Jeff to have to them and to their heirs forever to the use and behoof of the said Robt and his heirs by force of which feofment they thereof were seised in their demesne as of fee and so being seised the said Robt made and declared his last will of the same in form following that is to say that the said Alice then his wife be allowed to have the three said crofts with the appurtenances for the time of her life the remainder thereof after her decease to the child the which at that time she was with between him and the said Alice begotten were it son or daughter to have and to hold to the said child and his heirs forever and after the said Robt died after whose death the said Alice was delivered of the said child the which is yet alive whose name is Robt and of the age of 8yrs the which Robt the son is in defect of good keeping burnt and greatly blasphemed in his face and hath nothing to be found with but only the said three crofts and after that the said Robt Rogerson took to wife the said Alice and they contrary to the will rehearsed again all truth and concerns in disherison of the said Robt hath sold the said three crofts with the appurtenances to one Jeff Buckwell to have to him his heirs and assigns forever by the which sale she hath forfeited her right and title that she hath by the said will in the same and disherited the said child and rehearsed in the said bill and without that that the said Robt Audley the father made and gave by his last will the said three crofts to the said Alice to have to her her heirs and assigns in manner and form as is declared by the said bills all which matter he is ready to prove as this court will award and prayeth he may be dismissed out of the same with his reasonable costs and damages for the wrongful vexation