Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/51/72 Robt and Alice Rogerson v Jeff Audleigh complaint)

1475-1485 (no date) (1475)

document 14500120

to the right reverend father in god Thos bishop of Lincolne and chancellor of England meekly beseecheth your gracious lordship your poor and continual orators Robt Rogerson and Alice hiswife which was the wife of Robt Audley late of Earls Colne in the county of Essex that where the said Robt Audley was seised in his demesne of fee in and of three crofts containing 12a of land with the appurtenances in Earls Colne aforesaid and thereof so seised of great trust enfeoffed Jn Lovetop Jn Smith Wm Baker and Jeff Audley to have to them and to their heirs to the use and behoof of the said Robt Audley and to the intent that they therewith should perform his last will and refeoff him or any other at his denunciation in and of the said land with appurtenances at such time as they thereto reasonable were required and afterwards the said Robt Audley made his last will and (torn) by that his said will willed that after his decease the said Alice should have the said land with appurtenances to her and to her heirs forever after which decease the said Alice oftimes and many hath required the said Jeff to make her estate in and of the lands with appurtenances according to the said will yet notwithstanding the said Jeff howbeit all the other his said cofeoffees have released that to do alway hath refused and yet doth against all right and good conscience it will please therefore your lordship the premises considered and that your said orators have no remedy by the common law of this land to grant a writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Jeff commanding him by the same to appear before the king in his chancery at a certain day and under a certain pain by your lordship to be limited and thereupon such direction to be taken as by your lordship shall be thought most according to right and good conscience and this at the reverence of god and the way of charity pledge to prosecute Jn Roose of London haberdasher and Wm Fryston of London yeoman

before the lord king at his chancery the ten days in may next after holy trinity granted by letters to be directed to the prior of Colne and Alex Crestener to examine the matter in the petition aforesaid the aforesaid fifteen days in michaelmas