Chancery Depositions (PRO C2 Jas1 P.26/4 Partridge v: Harlakenden etc)

6.7.1622 (Saturday 6 July 1622)

document 16300032

complaint of Rose Partridge (not transcribed in full as virtually the same as the complaint made in may in C3.372.8) she says that Jeff Cuckocke held Curds etc and by his last will and testament in writing then made he willed and bequeathed and devised all the said lands and tenements unto your oratrix his then wife and to her heirs forever towards the bringing up of his children and towards the payment of every of his children 20li apiece being eleven and towards the payment of 40s a year to his mother during her life and of his freehold lands he gave to his eldest son and his heirs being of the yearly value of 20marks and then also according to the custom of the said manors he did specifically surrender all the said several customary lands tenements and premises into the hands of the then lord or lords of the manors respectively to the uses intents mentioned and expressed in his last will and testament and then died and she was admitted etc (same form as the previous complaint only it includes her children Prudence Lunt and Jeff Cuckoke by name now also defendants)