Chancery Depositions (PRO C2 Jas1 P.26/4 Partridge v: Harlakenden etc)

1622 (no date) (1622)

document 16300245

the rejoinder of Jeff Cuckoke Ralph Lunt and Prudence his wife defendants to the replication of Edw Rosse and Rose his wife complainants the said defendants and every of them do rejoin and say in all and everything as they before in their said answer have said and do and will aver maintain and prove their said answer and everything contained to be just and true in manner and form as they be therein declared and set forth without that the said Rose to the knowledge of these defendants hath paid to these defendants Jeff Cuckoke and Prudence Lunt or any other of the children of Jeff Cuckoke the father all or any part of such legacies or filial portions as their said father in and by his last will and testament willed and bequeathed unto them or that the same doth or may appear by any acquittance as by the said repliants in their said replication is surmised and whereas the said repliants do sharply tax these defendants with unnaturalness impiety and irreligion in accusing the said Rose their mother of such unnatural speeches and carriage towards them and the rest of the children as are set forth in their said answer which they ought as she pretendeth in duty to have concealed these defendants say that they are very sensible of that great duty which by nature and religion they do owe to their said mother and that in performance of their duty to her they have humbly desired her for avoiding of unkindness and expenses that the differences between them might be heard and ended by some indifferent arbitrators which she hath refused and as appeareth hath commenced suit against them endeavouring their utter overthrow and disinherison and thereupon these defendants in defence of their rights and livelihoods have been enforced to their great grief amongst other circumstances of equity to set forth and discover the said unnatural speeches and carriage of their said mother towards them that so this honourable court may be the rather induced not to leave them to the will of their said mother who hath showed so unnatural a disposition towards them but to settle the said lands of the said Jeff Cuckoke their father after the death of the said Rose upon his children and posterity according to equity and his intentions and according to the grant thereof made by the lord of the said manors out of his free and worthy disposition after the same were forfeited unto him which they humbly desire and do submit the same to the consideration of this honourable court without that that these defendants or either of them have at any time used any rebellious courses or wicked attempts or undutiful carriage towards the said Rose their mother as in the said replication is surmised and without that that they or any of them by their ill course of life have put their said mother to any shame trouble costs or charges as is likewise in the said replication surmised and without that that any other matter or thing etc Fran Sydnor