Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/239/46 depositions: Edw earl of Oxford v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

6.5.1594 (Monday 6 May 1594)

document 17401620

two that the said defendant Roger Harlakenden about .5.33Eliz1 moved this examinant and also Edm Felton in the said interrogatory mentioned that he the said Roger Harlakenden might be preferred to be the plaintiff's steward surveyor and receiver of the said complainant's manors lands and tenements in the county of Essex and this examinant further saith and deposeth that the said Edm Felton in the presence and hearing of this deponent at Greenwich informed and said to the said complainant that the said defendant Roger Harlakenden was a gentleman of good ability very honest and sufficient to be the said complainant's officer as aforesaid or words to like effect and further this examinant saith that he verily believeth that the said complainant made the said defendant Roger Harlakenden afterwards his said officer upon the good report of this examinant and of the said Edm Felton to the said complainant at the request and desire of the said defendant Roger Harlakenden to this examinant and to the said Edm Felton therein