Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/244 pt 2 depositions: Geo Harlakenden v Thos Joscelin)

19.2.37Eliz1 (Wednesday 19 February 1595)

document 17500338

four that at the assizes holden at Chelmsford Essex in summer last was seven years as he now remembreth he this deponent heard the said Hen Joscelin named in this interrogatory father to the said defendant being produced as a witness to a cause between one Jn Aylmer plaintiff and Roger Harlakenden esq defendant say upon his oath that the said Jane Kelton named in this interrogatory sister to the said Hen Joscelin was in the time of her widowhead persuaded by himself and other her friends to assign and convey over such things as she had to her friends in trust to her use and further the said Hen Joscelin then said that the reason why they persuaded her thereupon for that a marriage was likely to be had between the said Roger Harlakenden and her the said Jane the said Roger being a mere stranger in the country and unknown to her friends and least he should not prove a man of that ability to maintain her as they had hoped for they persuaded her to assign and convey over such her things to her friends in trust as aforesaid to the end that if he the said Roger Harlakenden should not prove a man of that ability they took him to be she might be relieved with her own and that upon that persuasion the said Jane did assign one lease of the site and demesne of Colne Priory to one Jeff Gates gentleman some things to him the said Hen Joscelin in trust as aforesaid and further to this interrogatory he saith he cannot depose