Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/244 pt 2 depositions: Geo Harlakenden v Thos Joscelin)

27.2.37Eliz1 (Thursday 27 February 1595)

document 17500462

four that this deponent was towards a cause and attorney for the same between mr Roger Harlakenden or some other his farmer and one Jn Aylmer which cause upon an issue joined between them received a trial at the assizes at Chelmsford about seven years now last past and the issue was whether Jane Kelton being then the wife of mr Roger Harlakenden did in her widowhood before her marriage with him convey a lease of the site of the manor of Colne Priory and of other lands in the same lease conveyed to one mr Gates of Lincolns Inn and he doth very perfectly remember that mr Hen Joscelin was procured for a witness for mr Harlakenden and brought to testify on his part and the evidence mr Joscelin then gave was to this effect viz that at or about such time as there was a determination or conclusion of a marriage to be had between the said Roger Harlakenden and mrs Kelton being the sister of the said mr Joscelin mr Harlakenden being not that countryman but unknown unto her and her friends and his estate uncertain what it might prove whether good or ill it was thought by her fit in discretion and advised by him and others her friends as good policy to make such things over to her friends in trust as she then had in her hands and he named then the site of Colne Priory as the thing that was conveyed upon the same advise and consideration and he said directly and there deposed that she did convey over the same lease of the site of Colne Priory and such other things as were in the said lease contained to the same mr Gates in her widowhood and this he said he very assuredly remembreth for the trial of the said cause was against the said Aylmer the client of this deponent and that either there was a verdict given against the said client or else his client was non suit against that evidence given and more he cannot say touching this interrogatory