Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/244 pt 2 depositions: Geo Harlakenden v Thos Joscelin)

26.1.38Eliz1 monday (Monday 26 January 1596)

document 17500706

whereas the plaintiff hath suit depending in this court against the defendants touching the right of the presentation to the church of Nether Yeldham in the bill mentioned so likewise hath the said Geo Harlakenden exhibited a bill into this court against the said plaintiff concerning the same cause and having thereupon examined divers witnesses amongst which the said Roger Harlakenden one of the defendants is examined as a witness although the cause doth chiefly concern him as it is alleged by mr Phillips being of the plaintiff's counsel only of purpose to use the benefit of his testimony it is therefore ordered by the right honourable the lord keeper of the great seal of England that saturday come senight be given to the said Geo Harlakenden to show cause wherefore publication should not be granted of the examination of the witnesses so taken by him and wherefore the examination of the said Roger Harlakenden in respect he is a principal man whom the suit concerneth should not be suppressed and if upon warning hereof given to the defendant's attorney in this court he the said defendant shall not show good cause to the contrary then the same is to be ordered accordingly Lance Washington there was not any cause shown at the day given by this order nor yet is being 9.2.1596 Lance Washington (inserted)