Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/277 part 1 piece 35 depositions: Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden etc)

3.5.42Eliz1 (Saturday 3 May 1600)

document 17600107

three that he hath not in his custody or possession any evidence ledger book or books and writings that do concern any the lands which were sometime the complainants but saith that he hath sometime in his possession certain evidences concerning some such lands of the complainant's as this deponent did buy of him which evidences he saith he did deliver over unto such persons as purchased the same lands of him this deponent and touching any other notes or writings concerning the complainant's land this deponent saith that it is likely that while he was towards his honour during the time of this deponent's employment as his solicitor he might have sometimes in his custody some other evidences or writings to use for the behoof of the said complainant as being delivered unto him by mr Baron gentleman then one of the complainant's counsel or by one mr Goulding his lordship's auditor which if this deponent had he did presently readily redeliver those writings unto the said gentleman as soon as this deponent had performed the business wherein they were to be used