Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/277 part 1 piece 35 depositions: Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden etc)

3.5.42Eliz1 (Saturday 3 May 1600)

document 17600118

four that he well remembreth that in the time that sir Gilb Gerrard knight deceased was her majesties attorney general this deponent being commanded on a time by the said complainant to attend the said mr Baron gentleman this deponent did see certain old writings produced which were carried by him this deponent unto the said sir Gilb Gerrard to be perused and saith that those writings did concern the said complainant's interest in the forest of Waltham in Essex but whether they did concern the office of the great chamberlain of England or not is more than this deponent now remembreth and therefore refereth himself unto the said writings which were then instantly delivered by this deponent to the said mr Baron gentleman then a councillor at the law upon his return to his chamber in the Middle Temple of whom this deponent had received them