Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/280 piece 41 Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden)

17.4.42Eliz1 (Thursday 17 April 1600)

document 17600442

upon the third interrogatory only deposeth and saith that he knoweth a farm called Playstow Kell in Halstead sometimes belonging to the late priory of Colne as this deponent hath heard and saith that after such time as a certain lease of the said Playstow Kell granted long since to this deponent's late father by the now right honourable Edw earl of Oxford was expired which as he thinketh was about four years ago this deponent did rent the same Playstow Kell of mr Roger Harlakenden the now defendant at the yearly rent of 10li which rent this deponent was the rather contented to give the said kell for so long time as he did in respect of the said mr Harlakenden's promise to make this deponent a lease thereof at an easier rent and so this deponent continued the payment of the said 10li yearly rent for some three or four years until such time as the said earl recovered the same rent by decree of this honourable court and after that time he paid the sum of 5li which was for the half years rent due at our lady day next after the said decree unto the countess of Oxford or her assigns but how much money the said mr Harlakenden hath received of this deponent for rent in all during the aforesaid time this deponent cannot certainly depose neither doth he know how much rent or other profit hath been received by him in the whole since the time in the interrogatory mentioned nor more saith to this interrogatory saving that albeit that this deponent since the said decree hath been contented to pay the said earl 12li yearly rent for the premises in respect that the same lieth convenient for him by reason of other grounds of his adjoining as also because his father hath had it before him this deponent thinketh in his conscience that 10li a year is as much as it is worth and more etc Thos Wilson