Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/294 pt 2 piece 2 Jn Aylmer v Roger Harlakenden)

15.2.44Eliz1 (Monday 15 February 1602)

document 17700005

four that he well remembreth that the said earl did demise and grant the said lands unto one Jn Toughtwood his lordship's then baker for that this deponent was a mean to procure him the same lease and this deponent further saith that the said lease was (torn) sealed and delivered by the said earl as his act and deed unto the said Toughtwood in the presence of this deponent (torn) of his the said Toughtwood's service for the term of twenty one years or thereabouts under the yearly rent of 20s and saith that the said lease bear date as he remembreth 25Eliz1 or 26Eliz1 but the certain place where the said lease was made sealed and delivered this deponent saith he doth not perfectly remember but he thinketh it was at his uncle's then house without Bishopsgate London sometime the house of one mr Fisher and more etc by me Israel Amyas