Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/297 part 2 no 80 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

13.2.1623 (Thursday 13 February 1623)

document 17701102

six that he knoweth not anything at all whereof he can materially depose for satisfying the contents of this interrogatory but only that this deponent hath heard one Robt Parker a customary tenant of the said manor of Earls Colne many years since complain and say that he had had great wrong offered him by making some false entry or false copies in he court rolls of the said manor to this or like effect viz that whereas Jn Parker his late father had in or about 34Eliz1 surrendered a messuage or tenement called Murdens holden of the said manor of Earls Colne to the use of him and his heirs and that the said surrender being at the next court holden for the said manor presented and he admitted tenant accordingly it was as the said Robt Parker alleged entered at the self same court amongst the court rolls there that he the said Robt did surrender the said copyhold tenement to the use of himself and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for default of such issue then to the use and behoof of his brother Jn Parker and of his heirs forever which the said Robt Parker always hath denied and protested that he never made any such surrender and moreover this deponent saith that the said Robt Parker in confirmation of his said speeches hath many times showed forth such a copy in parchment which this deponent saith he hath seen and read and hath observed that to be or he believeth of the handwriting of one Robt Cobbe deceased sometime the servant or clerk of the said now defendant Rich Harlakenden and used by the said Rich many times as his under steward of the said manor of Earls Colne and this deponent saith that the said writing so divulged by the said Robt Parker in form of a copy of court roll of the said manor of Earls Colne doth purport as much in effect as is herein before deposed and is subscribed thus viz ex et concordat cum rolls of the court of Rich Harlakenden Robt Cobbe as by the said writing which the said Robt Parker affirmeth to be a false copy may and doth appear unto which nevertheless this deponent for his more certainty in that behalf refereth himself