Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/498 pt 2 piece 6 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

14.5.21Jas1 (Wednesday 14 May 1623)

document 17800775

to eight and nine that touching this other paper book now also showed unto him at this the time of his examination and beginning with red capt letters he saith that the same was in this manner as it now is written out fair by the appointment and direction of the said mr Cooke himself as this deponent verily believeth and he saith that the whole book is all of the own proper handwriting of the said mr Maddison who then was and for divers years before had been one of the said mr Cooke's clerks but how many years he had then been so he saith that he cannot now remember and he saith that the particular entry contained in this book and mentioned in the ninth interrogatory touching the surrender of the said Robt Partridge and Rose his wife etc is as he hath before deposed all of the own proper handwriting of the said mr Maddison and he saith that this entry touching that matter doth agree word for word with the entry set down and contained in the other book before by him spoken of in his answer to the seventh interrogatory wherein the same entry was originally set down for and such that he this deponent hath examined this entry with the said other entry set down in the said other book and he saith that this book and all the entries in this contained were by the said mr Cooke's appointment and direction as he verily believeth writ out fair by the said mr Maddison out of the said other book or paper rolls before by him spoken of and considering this deponent's knowledge of the integrity and honesty of the said mr Cooke and of his practise and dealing in these matters for so many years together this deponent saith that he doth assuredly persuade himself in his conscience that the said Rose Partridge was examined by the said mr Cooke according to the tenor of the said entry for otherwise he doth verily believe there would not have been any mention made of it in the said entry and this he saith is as much as he can say to this interrogatory Ezekial Rayner