Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/498 pt 2 piece 6 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

15.5.1623 (Thursday 15 May 1623)

document 17800934

three that he hath been divers times heretofore entreated by some of the children of the complainant Rose Rosse which she had by her first husband Cuckoe to speak unto her the said complainant that she would do something for them and that when it should please god to call her that then she would be pleased to let those lands which she had and that had been their father's to come amongst them for their maintenance and he saith that according to their request he did many times move her the said complainant in their behalf but could not in any sort prevail with her but still found her bent to do nothing for them and about a year ago or a little more he saith that he did again move her the said complainant Rose to be good unto her said children and to leave them such lands as had been their father's and he saith that she the said complainant was much offended with him this deponent for his moving that matter to her and did with all protest and vow and swear by god that never a child that she had should be a penny the better for any land that she had and that she had provided her an heir as good a man as the defendant Harlakenden was which should both hold him to it and keep all her children from her lands let them or he do what they would or words to the very same effect and this he saith is as much as to his now present remembrance he can say to this interrogatory