Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/498 pt 2 piece 6 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

16.5.1623 (Friday 16 May 1623)

document 17800987

two that he knoweth it to be true that the said mr Cooke for the space of divers years next before his death and for many years before this deponent knew him as this deponent did credibly hear it reported was steward to divers noble men and other persons of great credit and quality of their courts belonging to divers of their manors as well in the said county of Essex as elsewhere and that he the said mr Cooke did usually keep the said courts himself in person and he saith that the persons by whom the said mr Cooke was so employed and that he did keep courts for were these following viz the right honourable the countess of Sussex the right honourable the lady Riche mrs Awdley the right honourable the lord Hunsden and divers others of good worship and account that he cannot now call to mind