Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

28.9.1623 (Sunday 28 September 1623)

document 17901824

five he doth know that very many of the friends and acquaintances of the said Rose during the time that she the said Rose did so sojourn at and in the house of the said Ralph Lunt and upon his costs and charges as aforesaid in this deponent's time did repair and come unto the house of the said Ralph some to visit her in kindness and other some to speak with her upon his or their own occasions of business and were there entertained at meat and meal with the said Rose at the cost and charge wholly of the said Ralph Lunt and more particularly one Percival one Grant and a tailor whose name this deponent remembreth not but well remembreth that those three hanged upon her many terms being her instruments or witnesses to swear and do other business for her whilst the suit for a divorce from her said husband Partridge depended and some of the said Rose her said acquaintance and friends that so came to visit her and speak with her were entertained and lodged at and in the house of the said Ralph Lunt which this deponent being his servant as aforesaid did see and know