Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

2.10.1623 (Thursday 2 October 1623)

document 17902116

seven that she hath here before charged the said defendant Rose to be indebted unto the complainant Ralph Lunt for divers years lodging and diet at his house and upon his costs and charges and hath wished her the said Rose to give the said Ralph satisfaction for the same but the said Rose answered that she owed him nothing neither would she pay him anything for her diet and lodging whereupon this deponent replied saying " yes mrs Partridge that you do upon my own knowledge and in my hearing you have promised to make him full satisfaction and therefore it is but a folly for you to say so for in case you will not content him by fair means he will make you pay him by course of law " or words to suchlike effect did then pass between this deponent and the said Rose concerning that business the said Rose then further saying that if the said Ralph Lunt would make her pay him for her lodging and diet she would make him pay her for his wife's bringing up or to that purpose and this deponent saith that the speeches and conference between the said Rose and this deponent were about this time twelve months as this deponent now remembreth the time also this deponent saith that the defendant Rosse being the same time in hearing of the said speeches between the said Rose and this deponent did in this deponent's hearing say unto the said Rose to this or like effect viz " why if it be so that you do owe him any such money pay him pay him and make no more ado " and this deponent further saith that at another time about half a year after she this deponent at the request of the now complainants went again unto the said defendant Rose to move her in that behalf and to take some pity and compassion upon the complainants and their many helpless small children and this deponent speaking unto the said Rose to that purpose her answer was that even as she had said before she said still and yet afterwards the said Rose before this deponent went from her was more mild and yielding saying that if she the said complainant Prudence and her husband would put in their answer unto a bill of complaint in this court brought as the said Rose said by her said husband Rosse and herself against mr Harlakenden and them so easily and favourably as she knew they might if they would and would also stand to her courtesy for all other matters between them she the said Rose would give the complainants 20li in money and some goods and movables which as she said were at her house at Colne in Essex and other 20li unto a brother of the said Prudence and would be a continual friend always after unto the now complainants or words to that effect with many such other such large promising words and speeches