Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/504 pt 2 deposition: Lunt v Rosse)

1623 (1623)

document 18000132

six item did not the said complainants or one of them seek under pretence of love and dutiful carriage to deceive the said Rose and to entrap her in speeches during the time she lay at their house and was not the said Rose much the worse in her estate by the plaintiffs plots and practises what were their said plots and practises and was there not suits or a suit brought against the said Rose by their means and secret plots and were not they or some other by their means a witness against the said Rose in the said suit or suits and yet made the said Rose believe they were for her what were and who brought the suit or suits and what was recovered thereby and what was the cause the said defendant Rose left the said complainants house and would not come there no more