Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/504 pt 2 deposition: Lunt v Rosse)

1623 (1623)

document 18000187

seven item did not Rose Wake one of the daughters of the said Rose the defendant in her sickness or at any other time desire and earnestly pray her mother to forgive her and pray for her and that she confessed that she had been very undutiful and much wronged her said mother and neglected her said mother's good counsel to her great hurt and authority and did not the said Rose advise her said mother not to suffer the said plaintiffs nor either of them to come unto her nor drink with them for that they had an intent to make her said mother away and prayed her said mother to have a care of herself and did not the said Rose Wake say that the said complainant Prudence her sister was given to much folly and lewdness and was not this letter or writing now showed unto you sent by the said Rose Wake unto her said mother and hath not the said complainant Prudence been very uncivil and undutiful to her said mother and would not in her youth be ruled by her but ran from her said mother and lived idly wickedly and lewdly to her mother's great grief and charge and what charge hath it been unto the defendant therein for her bringing up or otherwise