Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/504 pt 2 deposition: Lunt v Rosse)

21.10.1623 (Tuesday 21 October 1623)

document 18000594

ten that the defendant Rose did pay unto Jeff Cuckoe 20li and 20li more to Prudence sister of the said Jeff for their several legacies given and bequeathed unto them by the last will and testament of their father Jeff Cuckoe deceased and saith that he this deponent hath seen acquittances under the several hands of the said Jeff and Prudence for the receipt of the said legacies by them and that this deponent hath also seen her acquittances under the hands of other the children of the said Jeff Cuckoe deceased for their legacies and further saith that the said defendant Rose did place her eldest son Jn Cuckoe with a tailor in Colchester and did put her son Jeff Cuckoe the elder to a shoemaker in the said town of Colchester and did put her son Francis apprentice to a tanner in Nayland and gave with him the sum of 8li and the said Francis ran away from his said master before he had served out his term and the said defendant Rose did put her son Jeff Cuckoe the younger apprentice with one Purcase a glover at Stistead and gave with him the sum of 5li but the said Jeff served not out his term with the said Purcase for afterwards the said Jeff was bound with one Fearnes another glover now dwelling at Earls Colne and from him the said Jeff ran away and at last his master Fearne had him again and put a pair of pot hooks on his neck and set him to work and then the defendant being offended with the said Fearne for so doing she sent word to Fearne that he should use the said Jeff as an apprentice ought to be used else she would make him to do it and thereupon the said Fearne took off the pot hooks from the said Jeff his neck and so soon as that was done the said Jeff ran away again running about the country first to London and then into Norfolk and there took to wife one Sharpyms (sic) daughter a glover and after a while came from her and wrought in divers places about the country and the said defendant Rose being then willing to have the said Jeff live as he should do with his wife did at the request of this deponent load a horse with butter and cheese and sent him home with it and afterwards the said Jeff and his father in law Sharpym came both to the said Rose and borrowed of her 5li as the said Rose and the said Sharpym and Jeff told this deponent and after all this the said Sharpym being dead by a casualty without leaving his daughter any maintenance she being a lame woman and not able to make herself ready the said Rose willed her said son Jeff to come to her and to bring his daughter with him and she would keep him and the child but for the rest of the said children and the mother her brother which had the land and living of their father (the said Rose did say) should keep them if they would for she would not and so then the said Jeff the younger with his daughter came home to the said Rose and (by report) after he had been there a while he begat his said mother's maidservant with child whereupon the said Rose did throw both the said Jeff and the servant out of doors and saith that the said defendant Rose did set her said daughter Prudence to learn her book but what charge that was to the said Rose this deponent saith he knoweth not and saith that the said defendant Rose did bestow learning on the rest of her children that would take it all but on the said Jeff Cuckoe the younger who was the unruliest of them all though to say the truth there were none of them all of any good carriage or government and he lastly saith that the several acquittances now showed to him this deponent viz of Thos Symonds Jn Cuckoe Prudence Lunt Jeff Cuckoe and Rose Watts (sic) are the very same acquittances which he this deponent hath heretofore seen as aforesaid and more mark Edw Collins