Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/504 pt 2 deposition: Lunt v Rosse)

25.10.1623 (Saturday 25 October 1623)

document 18000702

five that he verily believeth that the said defendant Rose did satisfy the complainants for her diet and lodging while she lay in their house by reason that he this deponent having some occasion to come to the said Rose while she was at the house of the complainants he this deponent did see the said defendant Rose give unto the complainants or one of them money to fetch provision withal several times and saith that he thinketh it would have been cheaper for her to have been at her inn in London and that he heard the plaintiff Prudence confess (being asked by the said defendant Rose ) that she had received divers things of her mother the said Rose as namely a dripping pan a warming pan a bushel of wheat flour and a pair of sheets two towels and divers and sundry other things in all amounting to a good value and saith that the last night that the said Rose the defendant lay at the house of the said complainants the said complainant Prudence told her said mother that her sheets were at pawn for 5s whereupon the said Rose did give unto the said Prudence 5s to fetch home her sheets from pawn as the said Prudence herself confessed to this deponent and saith that after all this the said Prudence came down into the country to her said mother and brought her child with her and her said mother made her very welcome and she stayed so long as she would stay there and at her departure from thence her said mother gave her 16s or thereabouts and a pot of butter and some other things and saith that he heard the said defendant Rose say that her expenses at the house of the complainants were so great that she would lodge no more there