Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/551 pt 2 depositions: Rich Harlakenden v Ambrose Coppinger and Francis Harrison)

5.2.1629 (Thursday 5 February 1629)

document 18100049

three that the said tithe in Lavenham during the time of this deponent's knowledge thereof hath been taken and is still reputed to be worth one year with another 24li a year or thereabouts and that in Aldham 20marks a year or thereabouts and knoweth that the said tithe in Aldham is so much worth by the year for that he hath gathered the same tithes for Edw late earl of Oxford who did let the same to this deponent for one year in or about 41Eliz1 and saith he hath seen evidences which do show that two parts in three of the said tithe in Lavenham to be divided are issuing and going out of all manner of corn grain and other things renewing or growing within the manor of Overhall in Lavenham aforesaid which portion of tithes doth belong to Colne Priory and cannot in this deponent's judgement be less worth communibus annis than 24li a year