Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/551 pt 2 depositions: Rich Harlakenden v Ambrose Coppinger and Francis Harrison)

5.2.1629 (Thursday 5 February 1629)

document 18100069

four that he knoweth the manor of Colne Priory in this interrogatory (torn) specified and that the same manor and the said late priory or monastery of Colne were heretofore holden and generally reputed to be both one thing and hath seen letters patents thereof by king henry eighth granted and made to Jn earl of Oxford whereby the said manor is granted by the name of the manor of Colne alias Colne Priory and thereby the said manor and priory are taken as this deponent conceiveth it to be both one and the same manor or thing and also for that the rents of the said manor of Colne alias Colne Priory as well for the copyhold as for the freehold lands thereof held and also the rents of the said portions of tithes were gathered by one Jn Church the deputy or bailiff of the said manor and were by him received and accounted for together as belonging all to the same manor of Colne alias Colne Priory of this deponent's certain knowledge