Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/98 'B' book)

11.1.1599 (Thursday 11 January 1599)

document 18200166

Edw earl of Oxon plaintiff Roger Harlakenden defendant whereby an order of 20.12.last the defendant was at liberty to examine witnesses touching the premise laid by the plaintiff's bill in such sort as the said order appointeth if the plaintiff should not at the then next seal show good cause to the contrary then the said defendant was also by the same order to examine four witnesses which were before examined on the plaintiff's part if the same witnesses departed within the space of two days after their examination as by the same order appeareth it is now ordered by the lord keeper upon the motion of mr Phillips being of the plaintiff's counsel that the defendant shall and may examine witnesses touching the said promise so that publication may be had of the same examination of them by the next term to the end so the cause may come to a hearing in the easter term next following and it is also ordered since the defendants have taken out process against the witnesses already examined on the plaintiff's part to appear and be examined on his part as aforesaid that if upon their appearance it shall appear that they stayed here two days after their examinations then they shall not be examined on the defendant's part but shall be licensed to depart and the defendant shall pay unto them their costs for their vexation being brought in without cause