Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/87)

7.5.1594 (Tuesday 7 May 1594)

document 18200397

Roger Harlakenden esq against Jn Bowser defendant forasmuch as this court was this present day informed by her majesty's attorney general being of the plaintiff's counsel that the plaintiff having a lease of the site and demesnes of Colne Priory in the county of Essex made by the earl of Oxon for divers years yet enduring and the defendant's father having heretofore purchased of the said earl the manor of Shrives in the said county which descended to this defendant he being towards the right honourable sir Xoph Hatton knight late lord chancellor did upon pretence that the plaintiff had certain evidence which might some way concern the defendant's said manor obtained of the plaintiff with letters procured from the said lord chancellor on that behalf a view and search of all the parts evidence and writings whereunto the plaintiff assented and yielded because the said lord chancellor did signify there by his hand by his said letter that the defendant had undertaken and promised that he would not impeach the plaintiff's position in any of the lands of the said manor during the term of his lease in the said Priory and yet nevertheless the defendant having upon the said view or search of the said plaintiff's evidence or writings found out some colourable matter as he pretends to prove or imply that some part of the said Priory should be parcel of his said defendant's manor or purchase contrary to his said promise mentioned in the said lord chancellor's letter now showed in court attempted suit at the common law against the plaintiff touching part of the lands and tenements demised by the said plaintiff's lease it is therefore ordered that if the defendant shall not on friday next show unto this court good cause to the contrary then writ of injunction# is awarded without further motion or delay against the defendant his counsellors attorneys and solicitors commanding him and them to forbear to proceed any further at the common law against the plaintiff on the said suit or to procure any judgement or execution thereupon until this court upon good cause appearing for the same shall take other special orders to the contrary Hubard