Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/115)

12.5.1608 (Thursday 12 May 1608)

document 18200572

Hen earl of Oxford plaintiff Thos Harlakenden (sic) defendant the matter in question between the said parties coming this present day to have been heard in the presence of the counsellors of both parties and touching certain lands which the plaintiff supposed to be gotten from his father by the fraud of the defendant's father for a good deal less than the same was worth and yet upon the defendant's said father's promise that the said lands should be reassured upon repayment of the said money which was dispersed for the same as the said plaintiff counsel alleged forasmuch as if the defendant's counsel alleged that by reason of the last order made in the said cause they were not ready for the hearing of the cause but for showing so much as concerns the said promise it is therefore ordered that the hearing of the said cause to be deferred to thursday next at which time this court will be pleased to hear the whole consent large and the lord chancellor will in the mean time consider of the briefs which were made at the former hearing of the cause of the said bills now found and delivered unto him but in the mean time his lordship wisheth that the defendants would suffer the plaintiff to have the said land again and take the monies that were paid for the same with reasonable consideration for the =ubearing# thereof respecting the profits which hath been taken of the said lands