Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/116)

20.5.1608 (Friday 20 May 1608)

document 18300005

earl of Oxford Rich Harlakenden defendant matter touching the land and tenements complained for in the plaintiff's bill having been fully heard and long debated by the counsel learned on both parts forasmuch as the matter is of great weight and consisteth upon many proofs and circumstances the court therefore thought not fit to deliver judicial opinion or order in the cause this day but hath ordered that either party shall forthwith make true briefs and their proofs and circumstances of the cause and deliver the same to the lord chancellor who will then be pleased to deliver the plaintiff's brief to the defendant and the defendant's brief to the plaintiff to the end that either of them may except against the others brief and then redeliver the said briefs again with their said exceptions unto his lordship who will then confer with the said masters of this court who were now present at the hearing of the cause and then give such further order on the cause as shall be merited# and in the meantime this court again adviseth the defendants to apprehend the motion illegible text contained in the last order made this term for the ending of the cause by reassuring of the lands and taking again his money with reasonable consideration in respecting the profits he hath received