Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C38/2 report : Roger Harlakenden v Sam Cockerell)

23.6.1598 (Friday 23 June 1598)

document 18300028

between Roger Harlakenden esq querent and Sam Cockerell defendant according to an order of this court of 26.6.last I have considered the bill and answer and what therein standeth confessed and finding that the defendant confesseth the having in his possession of certain court rolls evidences papers and writings concerning the manor mentioned in the said bill whereunto he maketh no title at all unto himself I am of the opinion that it is fit that the said defendant be ordered to bring unto this court upon his oath all such court rolls rentals extents books of survey deeds copies of court and of verdicts papers writings and evidences whatsoever touching or concerning the said manor or either of them or any part of either of them or any court baron or court leet belonging to the said manor or either of them which he the said defendant had in his keeping or any other to his use at the time of the exhibiting of the said bill of complaint against him or at any time since to be disposed as to this court shall seem most meet and convenient Jn Tyndall