Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/115)

23.11.1607 (Monday 23 November 1607)

document 18200554

Hen earl of Oxford plaintiff against Rich Harlakenden and Thos Harlakenden defendants whereas upon the information bearing 21.11. the said plaintiff had now exhibited a new bill unto this court concerning that which had been formerly decreed unto which bill the said defendants had put no plea demanding judgement which they should answer or not and yet the said plaintiff had sued illegible text persuade the said defendants to receive and meant to proceed upon the said plea it was ordered that if the plaintiff should not before the end of this term show unto this court good cause to the contrary then the plaintiff further proceeding upon the said bill were stayed forasmuch as this court was this present day informed by mr Francis More being of the plaintiff's counsel in the presence of mr Randall Crewe being of the defendant's counsel that the said bill unto this court is now to revive the second bill exhibited by the late earl of Oxford upon the matter of the promise contained in the said plaintiff's bill and examination and publication of witnesses was heard thereupon but not decreed but nevertheless at liberty to proceed upon the same and that the said plaintiff doth not desire any further examination of witnesses but to proceed upon the same matter or promise it is therefore ordered that the said plaintiff shall be at liberty to proceed to hearing upon a matter which is now revived and not contained in the former decree the latter ordered to be contrary notwithstanding