Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/115)

21.11.1607 (Saturday 21 November 1607)

document 18200532

Hen earl of Oxford plaintiff against Rich Harlakenden and Thos Harlakenden defendants formasmuch as this court was this present day informed by mr Randal Crowe# being of the plaintiff's (later of the defendants) counsel that the late earl the plaintiff's father having heretofore exhibited to several bills into this court against the defendants Rich and Roger Harlakenden his father the one touching certain lands supposed to be conveyed by the said earl by several words contrary to the true meaning and other material friends or other natural friends# and the other touching promises supposed to be made by the said Roger and the matters upon the same several bills coming to be heard a decree was made upon the first bill for the farm of Plaistow and certain portions of tithes for the said late earl and briefs were appointed to be appointed to be delivered by the lord chancellor touching the said matters of promise which were done accordingly and the said late earl being four years after never proceeded further on that bill and yet now the said Roger is dead who was supposed to make the said promise and that the plaintiff have and do reap (damaged) of the decree for the said farm and tithes before mentioned have exhibited a bill of reviver breave both the former bills whereunto for the causes aforesaid the defendants have put in illegible text a plea and no judgement# whether they shall answer further or not and yet the said plaintiff has sued# the said defendants brewyme# and mean to proceed upon the said plea which their process that was desired might be stayed and for that mr Forewell being of the plaintiff's counsel desired him to answer the said motion it is ordered that if the said plaintiff shall not before the end of this term show unto this court good cause to the contrary then the plaintiff's further proceedings upon the said bill are stayed