Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/92)

14.6.1596 (Monday 14 June 1596)

document 18200495

Roger Harlakenden plaintiff against Jn Bowser defendant forasmuch as in the entering into the hearing of the matter in question between the said parties this present day it appeareth that the only chief question between the said parties is whether the parcel of land in question called Galles be parcel of the manor of Sheriffs in the county of Essex or the manor of Colne Priory in the said county of Essex which point or question is mete to be tried at the common law where a verdict passed this defendant against the plaintiff's title before this plaintiff exhibited his bill to this court it is therefore ordered that the matter be clearly dismissed out of this court to be determined by the course of the common law and because the plaintiff brought the matter into this court after the said verdict had passed against him at the common law and after such time as the plaintiff had taken the said parcel of lands by several leases from the defendant and from his late father and had paid rent to them divers years for the same and yet the plaintiff sought in this court to disprove the defendant's title therefore the plaintiff shall pay to the defendant 4marks for his costs wrongfully sustained for this suit Roth