Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/H31/15 Harlakenden v Ives)

1.6.29Eliz1 (Thursday 1 June 1587)

document 19001048

eight whether Robt Ive might lawfully have stopped Luther Luther and Burfoot mentioned in your answer or any of their assigns or vendees of any wood or timber growing or being upon the land from passing and carrying any wood or timber from the wood called Westye Wood over and through the gate and way aforementioned after such time as Luther Luther and Barfoot had demised the 380a of land to Jn Bragg and did not Luther Luther and Barfoot except and reserve unto themselves and their assigns free egress and ingress into and out of every part and parcel of the said ground for the carrying of wood and timber out of and from the ground at the time they made the lease unto Jn Bragg at all and every time and times during the lease is there not also a covenant in the lease that they shall so do