Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/H31/15 Harlakenden v Ives)

24.1.30Eliz1 (Wednesday 24 January 1588)

document 19001246

second he says the estate or interest of Jn Bragg of and in the said 380a of land in Colne Park and this defendant further says that he himself Finnet his wife and Simon Ive and no other persons about 11.4.last past repaired themselves unto certain workmen labourers and carriers of timber of Thos Kelton and Robt Read then being upon parcel of the said 380a of land in Colne Park without the commanding or procurement of any person or persons whatsoever but sayeth that the reason that he and the other persons before named came thither was for that Robt Read had told Eliachim his son on or about the said 11.4 . he would break up a gate in this defendant's ground parcel of the 380a specified and would carry timber forth of the same ground through a cornfield of this examinant and the intent or purpose and the rest by their then coming thither was to prevent and restrain Robt Read and his company which were with him on the premises from breaking open the gate and from going through the ground being a cornfield with his carriage he also says that he the examinant did permit Robt Read and his company at the request of one mr Wordsworth being then and there present servant to Xoph Hatton knight the now high chancellor of England then captain of the guard and vice chancellor to her most excellent majesty quietly to pass through this examinant's ground with his carriage without any manner of misdemeanour or unlawful behaviour used by this examinant his wife or Simon Ive his son towards Read the workmen servants or carriers of wood of Thos Kelton or Robt Read or either of them as is supposed by the interrogation saving that he the examinant's wife and Simon Ive his son did stop the cart until by the request of mr Wordsworth this examinant was content to let the cart pass