Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/H31/15 Harlakenden v Ives)

29.6.30Eliz1 (Saturday 29 June 1588)

document 19001343

to the third that he had then and there a pitchfork in his hand and further says that Simon Ive his son had a pikestaff in his hand otherwise no manner of weapon and further says that he and his son Simon did stop or let the servants and carriers of Kelton and Read against their wills in the carrying and leading away of the timber from the premises but denies that they or anyone that they or any of them did let or stop the workmen servants or carriers of Kelton and Read in loading of the timber or in letting them or any of them to do their labour in any other manner as he has before confessed further denies that he his wife or Simon his son did neither of them offend to do any force or violence as is supposed to any of them saving that he saw his wife Finnett cast a stone at Robt Read being then and there present but he cannot say more