Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/163/9 Rich Harlakenden v Wm Eedies et al)

18.11.4Jas1 (Tuesday 18 November 1606)

document 19100617

Mary Eedies says she is not guilty nor of forging the deed the said Wm Eedies her husband on 17.5. went to demand half a bushel of wheat due to him she being young with child and having a young child in her arms at her entrance she demanded the wheat at which Sam Diglette the elder did violently assault her and struck up her legs so that she had a violent fall and Diglette dragged her along the ground and the child in her arms fell out and lay in a swound which she took up again and by reason of the shrieking which she made the child came to its senses but not so perfectly as it was before since then the child had languished and could not go or stand alone or take food as before but pined away to the very bones his backbone being broken as it is supposed and the child is now dead by the hurt it then received as she thinks a jury has been called to hold an inquisition on the child's death and she miscarried the child in her womb she and husband continued in quiet possession of the mill till sunday 18.5. on which day in the afternoon came Sillitoe and Rande without weapons and entered quietly and after they had been there she offered to pass by Jn Cooper he thrust at her with a pitchfork and if Sillitoe had not put by the thrust she would have been in danger of her life Sillitoe took hold of the pitchfork and Jn Cooper departed and after some time so did the other two she and her husband and three small children were left in the mill where they stayed until monday 19.5. when Diglette and one Cobbe arrived and the door being shut they tried with force to open it after them following Thos Waldegrave esq justice of the peace with divers others to the number of twenty or so and they were forced out threatening Wm Eedies with prison she stayed until Diglette broke through a wall and removed a door from its hinges and then Waldegrave entered and forced her out she repeats her claim