Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/163/9 Rich Harlakenden v Wm Eedies et al)

16.7.4Jas1 (Wednesday 16 July 1606)

document 19200005

Dan Rande Coggeshall butcher in .5.last he heard mr Waldegrave read a lease reported to have been made by the earl of Oxford for twenty one years to Mary Eedies before then he hadn't heard of it he heard that since then Wm Eedies had sold the lease to the countess of Oxford for 50li Wm Eedies and Mary being his brother and sister in law were hurt and he came to see them on the sunday after he came into the millhouse Mary opened the door and went to get sticks to make a fire for roasting meat at which time Jn Cooper was alone in the mill with a pitchfork which he thrust at Mary at which Jn Sillitoe came up and took the fork and asked him if he meant to kill her Cooper ran away nobody else there said he did not throw out Jn Cooper out of the mill neither did they have weapons