Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/289/30 Eliz and Francis Veer v Rich Harlakenden)

29.11.4Jas1 (Saturday 29 November 1606)

document 19204503

to the nineteenth question Plumb does not remember Edes did entreat mr Waldgrave that he would do him no wrong or that the said Edes did allege that he Edes was a poor man or that the mill was all his stay and living as is supposed neither does Plumb remember that mr Waldgrave his master did mind some that were there present to lay hold on Edes as in the interrogation supposed but Plumb did lay hold on Edes and mr Waldgrave his master did then say he would send Edes to gaol unless he mr Waldgrave might come into the mill to view whether any force were there used or not and in the end Edes was content upon a composition to leave the possession of the mill to Sam Diglett one of the defendants but not in respect of any threatening speeches as in the bill supposed neither did Plumb know that mr Waldgrave did upon any threatening speeches at all to Edes other than such as Plumb has before shown