Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/289/30 Eliz and Francis Veer v Rich Harlakenden)

29.11.4Jas1 (Saturday 29 November 1606)

document 19205419

to the twenty first says that mr Waldgrave was with others at dinner at mr Harlakenden's house and he came to mr Waldgrave and told him as the truth was that Edes wife so soon as mr Waldgrave had gone to dinner had got again into the mill and then after dinner was done mr Waldgrave and his man mr Tiffin and his man and mr Thos Harlakenden came down again to the mill and mr Waldgrave demanded of Edes and his wife what did move them again to enter into the mill contrary to his Edes former agreement and Edes answered that he went into the mill only to fetch out of the mill things he had there saying also that a glass window which was there was his and that if he might have satisfaction for it he would quietly depart out of the mill and thereupon he Diglett reimbursed Edes for the glass window and gave him 2s or thereabouts for the same as he remembers which being done Edes and his wife quietly departed out of the mill and millhouse and left him in possession but says that mr Waldgrave did not then put him Diglett into possession neither did he hear mr Waldgrave at his second coming to the mill door during the time of his then being thence utter any such threatening speeches to or against Edes and his wife as in the interrogatory or any speeches to that effect or any other threatening speeches more he cannot say