Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/16/56 Simon Tryndell v Hen Sheldon and Wm Ackland)

25.1.3Edw6 (Saturday 25 January 1550)

document 19400005

interrogatories to be ministered on the part and behalf of Hen Sheldon and Alice his wife against Simon Tryndell first whether Wm Tyler knight and Wm Tykell gentleman or any other were seised in their demesne as of fee of and in one tenement or in called the Dolphin in Halstead and of divers lands and tenements in Halstead Stisted and Colne Engaine called Playstow lands to the use of one Jn Compton and of his heirs before the late statute of uses or not second whether the said Jn Compton before the said statute bargained and sold the said premises for the sum of 260li to one Rich Ratclyff and his heirs third whether the said Rich Ratclyff so being thereof seised died thereof seised or not fourth whether the premises after the death of the said Rich descended to one Margt Ratclyff and Alice Ratclyff now wife of the said Hen as cousin and heir of the said Rich that is to say the daughters of Hugh Ratclyff brother of the said Rich fifth whether the said Jn Compton died without issue of his body or not and whether or when he died sixth how many children has Jn Compton had seventh how many of them be alive and what be their names and where they do dwell and of what age they be