Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/68/7 Thos Pullen v Thos Bridge)

28.4.20Eliz1 (Monday 28 April 1578)

document 19400141

complainant Thos Pullen son of Thos Pullen of Earls Colne in Essex yeoman deceased whereas Thos the father by his last will and testament bearing date 16.11.1559 did give and devise to Thos his son divers legacies and bequests viz 20li money his best feather bed and bolster one pair of blankets one pair of sheets and best coverlet two pillows and pillowberes best bedstead and best tester one dozen of silver spoons and a salt silver and gilt to be delivered him at the age of fifteen years and did by the same will give to Thos and his heirs all that tenement Jakes and a parcel of ground Popes Hatch and an osier garden with appurtenances yearly value of 40s above all charges where also the said Thos the father being possessed of a mill with appurtenances in Earls Colne of yearly value of 8li above all charges for a term of certain years did by the said will also give the same to Denyce then his wife for the finding and bringing up of Thos his son in learning and virtuous exercises until Thos was fifteen years old and did by his will appoint that if Denyce his wife marry that then he Thos and the mill with appurtenances should be at the ordering of Thos Bridge the elder of Earls Colne deceased until Thos should come to fifteen years and at the end of fifteen the mill with appurtenances should remain in the hands of Thos's son and by the will did nominate Denyce his wife and Thos Bridge executors of will as by the will appears and afterwards Thos Pullen about eighteen or nineteen years past died at whose death Thos Bridge according to the trust reposed in him did take upon him the execution of the will and receive into his custody the sum of money and other the goods of Thos Pullen and in like manner did take and receive yearly to the use of the orator during the space of eight years all the issues and profits of the tenement Jakes and the rest of the premises during the space of eighteen years and did carefully preserve and keep them to the use of Thos and afterwards Thos Bridge having received the profits and revenues of the lands and tenements and having the money and goods in his possession as aforesaid lying upon his deathbed very charitably disposed and having a great desire for discharging his conscience for the true answering and satisfaction of the orator Thos for such duties as were by right due to him according to the meaning of his testator called before him one Thos Bridge his son and gave to him divers lands and tenements in Earls Colne aforesaid on condition that he should truly perform the will of Thos Pullen and well and truly pay to the orator all such sums of money and duties due to him and very earnestly charged him upon his blessing to see the will of Thos Pullen in all things truly performed and goods money and other things so by him received safely and quietly to be delivered to your poor orator according to the right and title he had to the same and for the better doing thereof for the quieting of his own conscience and ready to depart this world in the presence of diver honest and substantial persons caused Thos Bridge his son to swear truly to do the same accordingly and afterwards Thos Bridge the elder so possessed of the goods and leaving sufficient money goods and chattels and the lands aforesaid in Earls Colne to Thos Bridge his son a short time after died after which Thos Bridge the younger did take upon him the execution of the will of his father and the administration of his goods and did likewise take into his possession the sum of 20li and all the goods which by the last will of his father were bequeathed to him and in like manner received the profits of the mill and other the premises since the death of Thos Bridge his father to the use of Thos Pullen and now so it is that notwithstanding that the money and other the premises which were bequeathed to the orator and lands and tenements aforesaid with sufficient money goods and chattels of Thos Bridge the elder came into the hands of Thos Bridge the younger and notwithstanding the charge which Thos Bridge the elder gave unto his son upon his deathbed and the faithful promise made by him then to his father the said Thos Bridge since the death of Thos Bridge the elder although he has been often and sundry times gently required by Thos Pullen and other his friends quietly to deliver the sum of 20li together with the goods and chattels so to him bequeathed and to satisfy and pay him all such sums of money as his father had since the death of Thos Pullen received to his use of the issues and profits of the mill and other the premises yet the same to do Thos Bridge has always very unfaithfully and undutifully towards his father and uncharitably towards the poor orator hither denied and yet does against all right equity and good conscience to the utter undoing of Thos Pullen unless some good remedy is speedily provided in his behalf in consideration whereof and forasmuch as your orator is a very poor young man void of money and friends and by reason of the careless dealings of Thos Bridge the younger is unable in any way to procure himself any kind of living and is therefore utterly unable to sustain the great and manifold delays costs and charges of the civil and common laws of this realm for the recovery of such goods monies and duties as aforesaid due and payable unto him that it will please her highness to grant writ of privy seal to Thos Bridge the younger to appear at a day and under pain in the Whitehall etc