Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/68/7 Thos Pullen v Thos Bridge)

11.6.20Eliz1 (Wednesday 11 June 1578)

document 19400412

reply of Thos Pullen complainant to the surmised answer of Thos Bridge defendant says that he maintains his bill and that the money plate and other household stuff of Thos Pullen deceased and the issues and revenues and profits of the mill and the lands and tenements mentioned with their yearly profits and term of years did come to the hands and possession of Thos Bridge deceased and the defendant to the use of the complainant Thos Pullen as in the bill declared and that Thos the father did leave lands and tenements free and customary and sufficient money goods and chattels to the defendant to the end that he should truly perform the last will of Thos Pullen deceased the defendant did faithfully promise to do this as is also in the bill and for the allowance which the defendant pretends to have made to him for the bringing up of the complainant he says that says that after the death of his father he was in service with one Archer and Purcase and since that time with this defendant by the space of eight or more years in the whole where he diligently travailed and laboured so as he did well deserve thereby to be maintained and therefore for that time he thinks he had no cause to bear his own charge in other men's service and for the necessary charges of reparation and other like expenses disbursed by the said Thos and Thos Bridge or any of them the complainant is and was ready to make allowance as this court shall award and as for the bond for 300li supposed to be made by Thos Bridge the father to Wallace and Pilborowe the complainant not acknowledging any such bond by Bridge to be made says it is not like if any such were made but the condition thereof performed in the life of Thos Bridge which if it were not yet the circumstance of the cause being in reason examined he is thoroughly persuaded so it very manifestly appears and he the complainant will aver that the same is altogether by fraud and coven of the defendant contrived and devised and now used as a plea to colour his forward and uncharitable dealings in defrauding of the good meaning of the defendant's father as he lay upon his deathbed which this defendant upon a solemn promise and vow taken before him then promised to perform wherein he shows himself unnaturally disposed towards his father and most evidently betrays and discovers his own subtle practises in that behalf without that there is or was any just cause otherwise than to do the same of purpose as aforesaid to put the bond in suit or that there is any judgement or execution bonafide awarded against the defendant upon the same or that the condition of the obligation was forfeited in the life of Thos Bridge the father or that the goods and chattels of Thos the father were but of the value of 75li6s3d which came to the hands of the defendant in such sort as in the answer by the defendant is most untruly alleged or that any other matter clause article etc in the answer material to be replied as he is ready to prove