Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/68/7 Thos Pullen v Thos Bridge)

17.6.22Eliz1 (Friday 17 June 1580)

document 19500005

answer of Thos Bridge defendant to the reply of Thos Pullen complainant says that everything in his previous answer is true without that after the death of Thos Pullen the father mentioned in the bill the said Thos Pullen the son was in service with one Archer and Purchase and since that time with him the defendant for the space of eight or nine years in the whole where he diligently travailed and laboured for as he did deserve thereby to be maintained or without that there is no cause to bear his own charges for other men's service for the said Thos Pullen would not labour or take any pains or without that the condition of the obligation mentioned in the answer to be performed in the lifetime of Thos Bridge or without that the circumstances of the cause being in reason examined the complainant can aver that the same is altogether by fraud and covenant the said defendant contrived and devised as a sleight to cover his forward and uncharitable dealings in defrauding the good meaning of the father of the defendant and without that the defendant upon a solemn vow taken before Thos Bridge ( says Pullen ) upon his deathbed then promised to perform the true meaning of Thos Bridge the father and that without that that whereby he most evidently betrays and discovers his own subtle practises in that behalf or without that that there is any judgement or execution bonafide awarded against the defendant upon the same for in truth the suit as it is not so far proceeded in the common law but the defendant verily thinks that execution hereafter will be awarded against the defendant on the recovery of the obligations or without that any other matter thing or cause in the answer etc he is ready to prove everything