Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/77/82 Margt Game widow v Jn Felix)

1561# (no date) about 3Eliz1 (1561)

document 19500104

in most humble wise sheweth and complaineth to your most excellent majesty your poor subject Margt Game widow late the wife of Jn Game of Earls Colne butcher that whereas one Robt Goldwire of Witham in his lifetime was lawfully seised in his demesne as of fee of and in two pieces or parcels of copy or customary land called Jannings with appurtenances in White Colne and the same did hold of the manor and lordship of White Colne by copy of court roll and that the same was time out of mind of man copy or customary land and parcel of the said manor and by all the said time used and accustomed to be letten by copy of court rolls of the said manor in fee simple fee tail or term of life and for time to such person or persons as were willing to have the same and the said Robt Goldwire so being thereof seised by his testament and last will in due form made did will devise and bequeath that Margt his wife should sell the premises for the most and best price that she could or might and the money thereof coming to be by her disposed in deeds of charity as by the same testament more plainly shall appear and after that the said Robt Goldwire lying in extremity in his death bed did make a good and lawful surrender thereof into the lords hands of the said manor according to the custom of the same manor to the use and performance of his said testament and last will and after died after whose death at a court holden at the said manor next immediately after the death of the said Robt Goldwire the same surrender was duly and orderly presented and the said Margt also at the same court was admitted thereof tenant to have to her and her heirs to the use and performance of the said testament and surrender by force whereof the said Margt entered into the premises and was thereof lawfully seised in her demesne as of fee to the uses abovesaid and she so being thereof seised to the said use afterwards in accomplishment and due execution of the said entities and uses in the said testament contained for and in consideration of the sum of 10li beforehand paid by one Jn Game late husband of your said suppliant by the licence of the lord of the said manor for that time being did well and sufficiently convey and lawfully assign the premises unto the said Jn Game and to your said beseecher she then being his lawful wife and to their heirs according to the custom of the said manor by force whereof the said Jn Game and your said poor suppliant entered into the premises and were thereof lawfully seised in their demesne as of fee according to the custom of the said manor and they so being thereof seised the said Jn Game of such and estate died thereof seised and your said poor subject outlived and held herself and was yet and is thereof lawfully seised in her demesne as of fee by way of survivor according to the custom of the said manor and that the same Jn Game and your said poor subject by the same lawful means and occasions have peaceably held and enjoyed the premises by the space of 11years or thereabouts and your said beseecher further saith that the said Margt Goldwire did employ and bestow the said sum of 10li in deeds of charity according to the true meaning and intent of the said testament so it is most gracious sovereign lady that your suppliant is a very poor woman lame and impotent and of the age of 70years and more and casually hath lost her copies of the court rolls of the same manor and also the court rolls of the same manor are also lost and do not remain at the same manor and the same copies of your poor subject being casually come into the hands and possession of one Jn Felix who only by colour thereof and without any other title for that he perceived your poor subject to be in extreme poverty and to be so aged that she is not able to execute and follow any suit against him for any unlawful entry title or claim therein and thereto by him to be made of late hath unlawfully entered into the premises and hath also made a surmised title and claim thereunto to the slander to the title and quiet possession of your highnesses poor subject and of her great disquietness upon some assurance and assured trust and hope of the unlawful favour and friendship of the steward and officers of the said manor to him to be extended in furtherance of his said feigned surmised and unlawful title by reason whereof your poor subject is likely to be disinherited and utterly undone and impoverished unless she be aided by your most excellent majesty by the orders of your highnesses court of requests and also most gracious sovereign lady so it is that such persons as can testify a nd declare the verity and truth hereof be aged people and impotent and likely in very short time to die and that if they should not be perfectly examined she is in great fear that the verity of her title and truth of her cause would be very much blemished and defaced unless she for pity sake be aided in this honourable court of requests and for as much as your highnesses poor subject being but a customary tenant hath no remedy in this behalf for the recovery of the same by way of action at the common law by reason of the lack of the said copies of the premises the certain date whereof is not certainly to her known and also for that she hath no other remedy unless in some of your majesties courts of equity and whereas your said poor subject in your highness progress time in your county of Essex exhibited in supplication to your majesty touching the premises which lacketh both form and substance whereunto the said Jn Felix hath appeared and prayeth the advantage of the insufficiency thereof she therefore most humbly prayeth that the said Jn Felix without any further process to him to be directed by the order of your majesties court of request in way of charity to answer again to the premises upon the supplication and abide the order of the same court touching the premises and your said poor subject according to her bounden duty shall daily pray to god for your most excellent majesty in honour and felicity long to endure