Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/77/82 Margt Game widow v Jn Felix)

1561# (no date) (1561)

document 19500161

to the most high and excellent princess Elizabeth by grace of god queen etc most lamentably complaineth unto your highness your poor suppliant and daily oratrix Margt Game widow late wife of Jn Game of Earls Colne butcher that whereas one Robt Goldwire in the said county of Essex by his last will and testament made in the year of our lord 1524 willed and bequeathed that certain parcels of customary land set lying and being in White Colne called Jannings should be sold and the price thereof to be disposed in the works of charity as in the same last will and testament more evident it doth appear so it is most gracious sovereign lady that the wife of the said Robt being sole executrix to her said husband and by authority of the said last will and testament devised granted and confirmed and for a certain sum of money to the accomplishment of the execution of the same testament did clearly bargain and sell unto the foresaid Jn Game late husband to your said oratrix the said customary land and so your said oratrix and her late husband were seised of and in the said lands by the space of 20years peaceably without any contradiction howbeit most gracious sovereign lady notwithstanding one Wm Goldwire the son of the said testator laid claim to the said lands saying that it ought not to be sold from him being heir to the same for the which lands and every part and parcel thereof your said poor oratrix and her late husband hath paid for money as by the acquittances for the same more at large it doth appear to the utter impoverishing of your said poor oratrix and her children forever in consideration whereof most gracious sovereign lady and for so much as your said poor oratrix being a poor widow in extreme misery and need and having wherewith to live but driven by necessity unto daily labour which now age and impotency taketh away and so of no manner of ability to sue for the premises by your graces laws it may therefore please your highness of your most abundant grace and pity to grant your most charitable and favourable letters of commission to be directed to the right honourable the Earl of Oxford lord of the said land and to other as your highness shall name thereunto commanding by the same to examine the premises and further to set forth direction and final end therein as justice and truth would so that your said poor oratrix lose not both her land and money which she hath truly paid and that as they will answer before the judgement seat of almighty god unto whom your said poor oratrix and true widow will according to her bounden duty constantly pray for the preservation of your royal estate long to endure