Court of Wards (PRO WARD3/24 pt 1 Earl of Oxford v Hen Coppinger, Rich and Thos Harlakenden)

6.2.2Jas1 (Wednesday 6 February 1605)

document 19900244

to the third saith that he knoweth not that the same portion of tithes in Lavenham have been taxed as a fifth part of the whole tithes of the parsonage of Lavenham nor knoweth what tenths it payeth nor ever heard that any tenths were demanded otherwise than of this deponent being parson therein and saith that Thos Bacon the elder was dead before this deponent came to Lavenham and Thos Bacon the younger for one year as he now remembreth by composition between this deponent and him did gather tithes in one farm in Lavenham in the occupation of one Wm Bacon as he in lieu of tithes belonging to the priory of Colne which was so gathered by agreement and not otherwise