Court of Wards (PRO WARD3/24 pt 1 Earl of Oxford v Hen Coppinger, Rich and Thos Harlakenden)

6.2.2Jas1 (Wednesday 6 February 1605)

document 19900268

to the fourth saith that after this deponent had bought the interest for years that Thos Bacon the younger then had in Lavenham by right of a lease which he had from the right honourable Edw earl of Oxford he delivered to this deponent a great bundle of papers whereof when this deponent had perused as many of them as he could conveniently go through within an hour he found them all frivolous about accounts and recoveries and left divers of them unexamined to this day and never found any particular note or other evidence showing out of what lands the said tithes ought to be issuing either in parchment or under any notes there or clerks hands but found remembrances under Bacon's own hand to some such effect which this deponent regarded not and so cast them aside and saith that he knoweth not what lands were contained in the said paper or mr Bacon's own remembrances some of which writings never examined by this deponent he hath yet in his keeping and further saith that he did never gather the said tithes or sell them apart by themselves otherwise than by composition to Wm Carter whereby he sold the same tithes which Thos Bacon the younger had out of the farm in Lavenham as in that third interrogatory expressed but what he had for the said tithes so compounded for he doth not now remember nor more can say to that article Hen Coppinger